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For enrolment information please phone our school office 04 237 5248.

At enrolment, a signed statement from a Catholic Parish Priest or ethnic chaplain is required to show eligibility for preferential enrolment under the integration agreement. This statement is on the enrolment form. A copy of Birth Certificate or current Passport Visa is also required at enrolment.

Attendance Dues

Attendance dues are a charge collected by ADW on hehalf of the proprietors (legal owners) of all Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Wellington as a condition of enrolment of students at their schools. The parents or other persons accepting responsibility for the education of the students concerned, having signed attendance dues agreement forms, have a legal obligation to promptly pay attendance dues. Attendance dues are not donations (and therefore, are not tax deductable) and must not be confused with school and activity fees.

Years 7-8 ...... $447.20 per year

Years 9-13 .... $894.40 per year

What are Attendance Fees used for?

Our proprietors belong to a National Attendance Dues Scheme which raises loans for its members, enabling them to fund both existing schools and new school building work. These loans are repaid from attendance dues charged and collected by all member proprietors. The attendance dues collected are also used to pay insurance on school buildings, which is another legal obligation.

Payment Methods

Attendance dues can be paid by Automatic Payment, Internet Banking or Cheque. Please see the Catholic Schools website for more information on how to pay, or to download a payment authority form. Alternatively, you can obtain a set of forms through your school.


Assistance may be available for dues payers in circumstances where paying attendance dues in full would result in genuine and undue hardship. This could take the form of a partial reduction of the current year's dues, or a write off of unpaid amounts from previous years. If you are unable to pay your attendance for any reason, please contact your Parish Priest, School Principal or Attendance Dues Advisor immediately. It is important however, that some payment of Attendance Dues is made to ensure the viability of the Catholic Schools in your area.

Arrangements can be made for paying by instalment, paying by Telebanking, Automatic Payment or Direct Debit and paying direct to the Catholic Schools Board.

Any cases of difficulty in paying the full amount of attendance dues should be referred to the Principal.



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We are always pleased to welcome overseas students and value the contribution that they make to the already wide cultural mix at Viard.


Studying in New Zealand Education is comparatively cheap

  • The cost of living is comparatively cheap with New Zealanders enjoying a high standard of living
  • The country is known for its peaceful, clean and nuclear-free environment
  • New Zealanders are renowned for the warmth of their hospitality to overseas visitors
  • New Zealand has a stable democratic government, offering a safe environment
  • Education standards are high and lead to good tertiary education opportunities
  • Outdoor recreation is an important facet of the New Zealand way of life and the country provides wonderful geographical variety for a large number of recreational pursuits

Studying in Porirua

  • Porirua has a population of 48,000 and is situated just 20 minutes drive north of Wellington, the Capital City
  • There is easy access by car or public bus or train to Wellington, the recognised educational and cultural capital of New Zealand
  • Porirua is a vibrant City of many Cultures sited on the picturesque shores of twin harbours
  • Porirua offers a temperate climate with average summer temperatures of 21°C and average winter temperatures of 12°C. It boasts 2000 sunshine hours per year.

Studying at Bishop Viard College

Bishop Viard College makes a difference. In summary, these are the areas where we believe we make a substantial difference:
  • The size of our roll - big enough to operate effective academic and co-curricular programmes; small enough so that everyone knows everyone else our philosophical commitment to the development of the whole person, intellectual, spiritual and physical
  • The harmonious multi-cultural atmosphere
  • The catering to individual needs
  • Our approach to discipline, where time is given to working it out.
  • The Catholic values of the school community are encouraged and clearly seen in practice
  • "A strength of the school is the energy and commitment given to caring for students". ERO report on school effectiveness.
  • The Viard environment is very positive.
  • "Students projected themselves as friendly, self confident, well organised and overtly proud of their school and their fellow students". ERO report on school effectiveness.

If you are interested in enrolling, please download the documents below

International Application Pack »

International Students:

Application Packs
If you would like an application pack to be sent to you please email with the following information:-
  • The name of your child
  • Date of birth of your child
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email



  • Grey Shirt with grey shorts or regulation black long trousers, white shirt and tie.
  • Red Viard jersey and Viard socks.
  • Black shoes, or in summer Roman sandals.
  • The formal Uniform: Viard tie, white shirt, and red college blazer with regulation black long trousers. The formal uniform is optional for daily wear from year 7.


  • Short sleeved white open-necked blouse or long sleeved white blouse with skirt in green tartan. (White skivvy is optional for winter wear).
  • Red Viard jersey.
  • Three quarter white socks for summer, or black tights for winter.
  • Black shoes, or in summer Roman sandals.
  • The formal uniform: Viard tie, white blouse, and red college blazer with regulation tartan skirt. The formal uniform is optional for daily wear from year 7.

Physical Education

  • and green striped PE shirt and shorts.
  • White socks and white soled sports shoes or sandshoes.

School Jacket

The school uniform has a school jacket for outer wear.

Uniform Prices

Stationery List

Students are required to bring stationery to each of their lessons.

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